1. Parameter identification of a separately excite dc motor using tabu search
S. Pothiya, S. Kamsawang, S. Chanposri, W. Kinares

2. Solving the economic dispatch problem using tabu search
Suwit Kamsawang, Jongrak Boonseng, Sarawut Pothiya

3. Design and construction of a geo-electric node system for earth resistivity meters
Somsak Deawsurintr, Warawutti Lohawijarn, Chalamp Prompat

4. Comparison effect of long chain cationic surfactant in mechanism of ore quartz
Pranomkorn Kwakhong

5. Design of building for prescribed of fire safety
Sa-guan Vongchavalitkul

6. Proof of uniquac activity coefficient model for water-monoethanolamine system by gibbs-duhem equation dept. of chemical engineering, faculty of engineering, psu
Katawut Keowhrai, Nurak Grisadanurak

7. Experimental study of fluidization in two-phase flow fluidized beds with various distributor plates
Srilaphun Pratumtip, Smith Eiamsa-ard, Dr.Visanu Meeyu