1. Appropriate technology for iron filtration from ground water
Samran Ruangsri, Kriangsak Kheawying, Pisit Phetcharasri

2. Statistical data of ultimate strength of ready-mixed concrete
Sanguan Vongchavalitkul, Marut KhodPan, Whangkaew Boonsuan

3. An operational control of multi-direction automated guided vehicle in a flexible manufacturing system
Rojanad Kraipanyapong

4. Line balancing for sewing leather assembly for covering car seats
Keartisak Sreprateep, Nuchsara Kriengkorakot, Suwit Thongrord, Worachet Chettharaj, Praphapan Sudchada

5. Effect of swine manure application on atrazine mineralization, biomass carbon and atrazine degradation
Alissara Reungsang

6. Improving energy efficiency of split-type air conditioners by cooling the cooling air
S. Theerakulpisut, S. Priprem, Ruangrit Lammayot

7. Solving economic dispatch using excel solver
Worapat Sa-ngiumwibul