1. Rate of adsorption of laccaic acid on silk fiber
Paisan Kongkachuichay, Nontalee Chinvongamon, Arunsiri Chitangkoon

2. Effects of polyethylene and polystyrene blending on pyrolysis of polypropylene
Wanida Chareunchai, Paisal Nakpipat, Santi Wattananusorn

3. Characteristics and properties of stream runoff from watersheds in northeast thailand
Prakob Wirojanakud, Rerkchai Srivoramas

4. Degradation of polyethylene terephthalate by ethanol
Wanlop Krangekrikissada, Anchaleeporn W.Lothongkum

5. Effects of bed length of adsorbent and humid air flow rate on adsorption efficiency of silica gel
Kanokpakorn Junsirisikul, Anchaleeporn W.Lothongkum

6. A case study of using light cracked gas oil in the diesel hydro desulfurization unit to estimate the h2 consumption and to optimize the production in a refinery plant
Panudej Sukkhet, Anchaleeporn W.Lothongkum