1. Effects of paclobutrazol on the expressionof genes involved in female flower formation in jatropha curcas l. flower buds
Anupharb Seesangboon, Thitinard Pokawattana, Prapassorn Damrongkool Eungwanichayapant, Jantrararuk Tovaranonte and Siam Popluechai

2. Health impact of the waste pickers in the sanitary landfill, warinchamrab municipality,ubonratchathani province
Somjate Thongdam and Jintana Siriboonpiputtana

3. Effects of acid fermented milk in diet of hybridclariascatfish (clarias macrocephalus x clarias gariepinus) in cage culture
Tanakorn Heamasaton, Daungjai Pisuttarachai and Warrapong Nalinanon

4. Influence of temperature on antimicrobial activity and mode of action of thymol against escherichia coli o157:h7
Wipornphun Srisuthum, Sasipim Kamsa, Parichat Phumkhachorn and Pongsak Rattanachaikunsopon

5. Applying decision tree classification techniques for diagnose the disease in cow on mobile phone
Nattavadee Hongboonmee and Pongnarin Sornroong

6. A causal relationship model of benefit realization from information system in thai state enterprise of thailand
Mathuros Panmuang, Nalinpat Parrawatpreyakorn, Kanchana Viriyapant and Attarat Boonyapalanant

7. The use of palm oil ash in high strength concrete
Khwanchiwa Yongsata and Chookiat Choosakul

8. Learning experience topic in dissolve nitrate a nalysis by spectrophotometric m ethod for vocational agricultural students
Phanuchai Pramuanl and Nuttakorn Intaravicha

9. Biodiesel production process from crude palm oil using calcium oxide derived from cockle shells as economical and green catalyst
Wuttichai Roschat and Janeeya Khunchalee

10. Factors influencing the fire response performance of security guardsat ubon ratchathani university
Jittra Osotsre and Katika Samaneein

11. Study of physical properties and complacency of consumerswith bioplastic packaging from jackfruit seed starch
Orawan Oupathumpanont and Sopita Wisansakkul

12. Photodegradation of methylene blue with tio2 andtio2/sio2
Uraiwan Werapun, Napaporn Khwantongyim, Sojirat Kongprasit and Warit Werapun

13. Bacterial identification and molecular detection of virulence genesin bacteria isolated from infant feces
Marutpong Panya and Viraphong Lulitanond

14. Psychological factors influencing red light running intentions at the junction with red light camera enforcement : a case of thapra junction, khon kaen province
Phongphan Tankasem, Piyanat Jantosut, Thaned Satiennam and Chaichan Yuwanasiri

15. Relationship between suspended sediment flux and dissolved inorganic nutrients flux in water of pak phaying canal during wet season in september 2015
Damrongsak Noicharoen, Sirirat Somchuea, Sudarat Nilrat, Surasak Sichum, Phusit Horpet and Jenjira Kaewrat

16. Reduction of vibrio bacterial concentrations in wastewater from shrimp pond using trapa bispinosa roxb.
Subuntith Nimrat, Teerawan Boontosaeng and Verapong Vuthiphandchai

17. Paper cement for plant pot casting
Lerdchai Sathitpanawong, Kitti Maneepraw and Phusit Trisa-nga

18. Study of nanosilica from agricultural waste to commercial materials
Pattaranun Thuadaij

19. Factors affecting behavior in household solid waste management among housewives in khao kho district, phetchabun province
Chakkapan Phetphum, Bunnagone Suesing, Wattanasak Chanpang, Vichien Phutthaphum and Boonchanuttha Pongpreecha

20. A synthesis of current-mode proportional integral and derivative (pid) controllers using cctas.
Phuttawut Leekultorn and Somchai Srisakultiew