1. Water quality and health risk assessment of drinking water
Jomjun Nateewattana, Siriluk Sunpa, Sirorut Sujaiya, Kyoung Woong Kim, Vichai Tienthavorn

2. Antifungal and synergistic effects of some plant essential oils on agricultural produce spoilage mold
Suree Namasombat, Tidarat Wattanasuk, Matinee Sangpitak and Waraporn Singkumbal

3. Biodegradation of p–hydroxybenzoate by microorganisms in sediment-slurry under aerobic denitrification
Subuntith Nimrat, Weeraya Subwilawan, Kittitach Supannapan and Verapong Vuthiphandchai

4. Subviral agents: virusoids, viroids and prions
Parichat Phumkhachorn and Pongsak Rattanachaikunsopon

5. Prevalence of total bacteria and staphylococcus aureus on healthcare workers’ mobile phone in hospital at amphoe meuangchonburi, chonburi province
Sudsayehon Homthong, Kingkaew Intanon, Rungtiwa Detsanga and Arisa Onsuwan

6. Application of antimicrobial compounds from lactic acid bacteria for inhibiting food borne pathogens
Pawinee Silaket and Voranud Pakdeedashakiat

7. Isolation and characterization of lytic phages against antibiotic-resistant escherichia coli
Narisara Padpai, Parichat Phumkhachorn and Pongsak Rattanachaikunsopon

8. Microbiological quality of ready-to-eat foods in loei rajabhat university canteen
Bunliang Suphim, Piyapong Choomsri and Orathai Panpetch

9. Effect of probiotics on growth performance and survival rate in anabas testudineus
Methawee Rodmongkoldee, Wattana Leelapatra and Wipavee Taimuangpol

10. Production of melanin-bleaching enzyme by aspergillus flavus ma4 using solid state fermentation
Chutima Thong-om, Treetaset Buasri, Sasiwan Sirichon, Napatsakorn Pongtown and Pranee Pattanapipitpaisal