1. Effects of indoleacetic acid-producingendophytic fungi on growth of okra seedling in glyphosate-contaminated soil
Piya Yongjorhor, Waraporn Chouychai and Walailak Khompan

2. Relationship between knowledge, attitudes toward cigarette smoking dangers and cigarette smoking among high school students: a case study of kho- wang, yasothorn
Palakorn Suebsamran, Anun Chaikoolvatana, Mereerat Manwong, Niyom Junnual and Wanwisa Chantorn

3. Effect of pcb to expression of genes involved in ga biosynthesis during jatropha seedling
Siam Popluechai, Lucsame Gruneck, Anupharb Seesangboon, Apichet Sangsuriyaroj, Prapassorn Damrongkool Eungwanichayapant and Jantrararuk Tovaranonte

4. Urea controlled released fertilizers for agricultural applications
Nittha Koohatammakun and Sayant Saengsuwan

5. Bioactive compound and antioxidant activity of sunchoke (helianthus tuberosus l.) at different harvest times
Suriya Tudpor and Jittra Singthong

6. Efficiency improvement in flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry
Yuttana Rattanasuwan and Napa Tangtreamjitmun

7. A study of the effect of lead oxide on structural and elastic properties of recycled silica gel glass by ultrasonic and ftir technique
P. Sopapan, Jintana Laopaiboon, Oruethai Jaiboon, Cherdsak Bootjomchai, Ussadawut Patakham, Raewat Laopaiboon

8. A study of fish feeding pattern to reduce cost of tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) production in cage-cum-pond culture system
Narong Kamolrat

9. Effect of roasting temperatures of garlic, shallot and dried chilion antifungal activity of aspergillus niger
Sunida Muangkote, Taweerat Vichitsoonthonkul, Chalermchai Wongs-Aree and Songsin Photchanachai

10. Study and development of electromagnetic induction laboratory
Somphob Sukchalerm and Amorn Thedsakhulwong

11. Food sanitation in child center at sri-kai sub-dristrict warinchumrab district, ubon ratchathani province
Chiraporn Labcom, Jintana Siriboonpipattana and Vitsanee Keankong

12. Elastic properties of recycled soda-lime glasses doped with copper(i)oxide (cu2o)studied by ultrasonic technique and fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Y. Jaichueai, Cherdsak Bootjomchai, Oruethai Jaiboon, Jintana Laopaiboon and Raewat Laopaiboon

13. Improving the quality of light-emitting diode lamp drive circuit for street lighting
Thanapon Siengdee, Wuthichai Pinkaew, Nitipong Somchaiwong and Witoon Prommee

14. Effects of roofing materialsand inclination angle on temperature distribution of building
Namphon Pipatpaiboon, Somporn Hongkong, Jaran Mongkolvai and Watcharayut Lumdoun

15. Comparison of analytical method for antioxidant activity between an image processing technique and micoplate-dpph assay
Suwanna Vorarat, Wanchai Intharapithak and Watoo Phrompittayarat

16. The study of usage of heated gloves from green bean for cold worker exposure in ice factory
Chirdsiri Ninpai, Narumol Kannika, Malisa Suthamma and Wipada Domkhum

17. The correlatedbetween parenting stylesand adolescents risk behaviors
Sirisup Sihawong and Supatra Deedoungpun

18. Effect of marine fish type on quality characteristic of fish vienna sausages
Sunthon Fakfoang

19. Decolorization and biodegradation of amido black using activated sludge under aerobic andaerobic denitrifying conditions
Subuntith Nimrat, Traimat Boonthai and Verapong Vuthiphandchai

20. Physical and microbiological qualities of clear and opaque bottled drinking water distributed in ayutthaya province
Subuntith Nimrat and Verapong Vuthiphandchai