1. Prolonging of the service life of propeller shaft by flux core arc welding process
Siva Sitthipong, Prawit Towatana, Amnuay Sittichareonchai, Prawit Bibithkosolvongse and Prapas Muangjunburee

2. A preliminary study of the histopathological biomarker assessed in health of river snail, filopaludina martensi in khek river during wang thong district, phitsanulok province
Sinlapachai Senarat, Jes Kettratad, Pisit Poolprasert, Ezra Mongkolchaichana and Wannee Jiraungkoorskul

3. Optimization of mixing hot springs clay and iodine salt on the sensoryquality of salted egg using response surface methodology
Chutinut Sujarit and Angkana Saikeur

4. Forecasting model for the prices of assorted mangosteen
Warangkhana Riansut

5. The digestive enzymatic activity of northeastern siamese tigerfish (datnioides undecimradiatus) in mun river on ubon ratchathani province
Saifon Kaewdonree, Kanjana Payooha and Thanathip Lamkom

6. Rats: a major reservoir host in medical diseases
Noppakun Pakdeenarong and Yanisa Narapong

7. The optimum conditions for the production of beer from germinated cornand the possibility to use corn beer and its by products as a food additive in the production of beef cattle
Nuttaporn Chanchay

8. Growth and yield of strawberry planting at sakon nakhon province
Krongjai Somrug, Natthapong Wongma and Angkana Teanglum

9. Loss reduction in wire bonding process using risk management framework
Chalermchat Theeraviriya

10. Flow behavior of low fat salad dressing thickenedby rice flour–xanthan gum combinations
Bootsrapa Leelawat, Seangphet Pairot and Supaporn Sampanpreeda

11. Development of operations management to reduce for obeses people in community nong sang sub-district, wapi prathum district, mahasarakham province
Benyathip Phansin, Virat Pansila and Ronnaruth Butsaenkom

12. The development of cassava varieties and disease analysis classification system by using rule-based system
Kanokwan Klaysuban, Khanittha Manchit and Wongkot Sriurai

13. Histological organization of head skin in the femaledevario regina(fowler, 1934),
Sinlapachai Senarat , Jes Kettratad Piyakorn Boonyoung, Watiporn Yenchum, Pisit Poolprasert and Wannee Jiraungkoorskul

14. A study of backgrounds and habitsfrom undergraduate students of thaksin university who have normal status and probation, using hotelling’s t2 test
Warangkhana Riansut

15. Chemical compositions and antioxidant properties of pla-ra, thai indigenous fermented fish product
Panchaporn Tadpitchayangkun Promchote

16. A new third-order iterative method for solving nonlinear equations
Nappassanan Srisarakham and Montri Thongmoon

17. Atmospheric corrosion of steel: a review and case study
Thee Chowwanonthapunya

18. Chemical property, antioxidant activity and sensory evaluation of fermented vinegar from 4 cantaloupe cultivars
Wilawan Boonsupa, Katdawan Phonkhun, Chuleemas Kaewkasorn, Thidarat Chandondeang, Kamollak Nantarit and Kanokpong Buapat

19. Using vacuum flask as a simple calorimeter for determination of molecular weightof compounds from colligative properties
Kedsirin Phonhan, Maliwan Amatatongchai, Suparb Tamuang, Purim Jarujamrus and Sanoe Chairam