1. Feasibility of an electromagnetic cell
Apichai Siwaprapakorn, Poramest Boonsri, Supon Sumran

2. Exploratory study of dimsyl anion-induced elimination reaction of glycosyl bromides
Kampanart Chayajarus

3. Differential histology of the integument system in the thoracic region of catopsilia pomona
Sinlapachai Senarat, Jes Kettratad, Pisit Poolprasert, Watiporn Yenchum, Wannee Jiraungkoorskul

4. Cultural practice and benefi t of oryzasatival in dansai, loei province
Niramol Srichana

5. Household food security in mueng mee noi village, kaunwon sub-district, mueng, nongkai
Mintra Sararuk, Saowaluk Sannam

6. Probiotic characterization of lactic acid bacteria isolated from infant feces
Marutpong Panya, Viraphong Lulitanond, Pongsak Rattanachaikunsopon, Thanyakarn Srivoramas, Tarinee Chaiwong, Tapanee Thinbanmai

7. Using social media in knowledge management for local development of ubon ratchathani
Manoonpong Srivirat

8. Physical and microbiological qualities of clear bottled drinking water distributed in nan province
Subuntith Nimrat and Verapong Vuthiphandchai