1. Antibacterial efficiency of secondary metabolites from sand sea star (astropecten sp.) against pathogenic fish bacteria
Rashow Khaochumnan, Theerawoot Lertsutthichawan

2. On (gamma)-semi-prime and quasi (gamma)-semi-prime ideals in (gamma)-ag-groupoids

3. Comparison of r project with spss program for data classification of khon kaen university borrowed money database under the concept of data mining
Niramol Panseema, Arnut Chaosakul

4. Monogeneans in cage-cultured red tilapia(oreochromis niloticus x o. mossambicus) in tapi river, nakhonsithammarat
Wuttichai Thongbamrung, Theerawoot Lertsutthichawan

5. Preparation of molecularly imprinted polymer particles of vitamin e by precipitation polymerization
Monjira Rattapreecha, Preeyaporn Chaiyasat, Amorn Chaiyasat

6. Longevity enhancement of nanoscale zero-valent iron by mesoporous material prepared from rice husk silica for nitrate reduction application
Chatkamol Kaewbuddee, Piyawit Suwan, Kitirote Wantala

7. Effects of colchicine in the induction of polyploidy of dendrobium friedericksianum rchb.f. (var. oculatum)
Patamaporn Tilarux, Saroch Prasertsirivatna

8. Effects of bamboo and rice husk biochars on yield and nitrogen use efficiency of chainat 1 rice variety
Saowakon Hemwong

9. A new, open-pollinated processing tomato, ubu 406
Boonsong Ekpong