1. Effects of alpha-naphthalene acetic acid and thidiazuron on brassica chinensis seedling growth in sand contaminated with endosulfan-sulfate
Khanitta Somtrakoon and Maleeya Kruatrachue

2. Theories of fundamental properties and applications of superconductors
Thitipong Kruahong

3. Seismic interpretations for petroleum exploration - a problem and solution for thin bed reservoirs
Piyaphong Chenrai

4. Factors influencing catching efficiency and selectivity of gillnets
Ruamruedee Panchan

5. Quality inspection and sorting cereal grain by machine vision
Siriluk Wongkasem

6. Properties of asphaltic cement grade 60 70 modified with crumb rubber and sbs polymer
Sudniran Phetcharat

7. Developinghigh precision instrumentation for melting point measurement of material from 25 c to 500 c
Sopon Budngam, Wichean Piwbang, Saichol Pimmongkol, Supon Sumran, Supachai Hatongkum, Khuanfa Mhasith, Udom Tipparach and Jaruwat Thongmool

8. Generalized beauty- the product of the arranged number by increasing from number 1 to the left and the number 9
Apisit Muangma and Aiyared Iampan