1. Phytoremediation of anthracene-contaminated soil by yard long bean and sweet corn
Khanitta Somtrakoon, Wasana Vongsomsri, Jirapan Wannarat and Waraporn Chuychay

2. Development of pozzolan material as a binder replacement in the casting process of rice polishing cylinders
Thitikan Boonkang, Nalin Pianthong, Tawanchai Phohom, Sukangkana Lee and Surapong Bangphan

3. Effects of indoleacetic acid-producing bacteria isolated from weeds on seedling growth of crop plants
Waraporn Chuychay, Nunthaporn Silsomboon and Khanitta Somtrakoon

4. Confidence interval for one binomial proportion
Wuttichai Srisodaphol

5. Factors affecting the transformation efficiency of linear dna inyeast kluyveromyces marxianusubu-1-1
Sanom Nonklang

6. Chemical constituents and pharmacological activities of plants ingenuslansium
Sarot Cheenpracha

7. Utilization of empty fruit bunches and oil palm fronds waste for schizophyllum commune biomass production
Saina MooLeng and Suvit Suwanno

8. Controlled living radical polymerization in emulsion polymerization
Amorn Chaiyasa