1. Glass-ceramic technologyand applications
Pat Sooksaen

2. Catalytic synthesis of triarylmethane derivatives via friedel-crafts alkylation
Jaray Jaratjaroonphong

3. Microbial fuel cells- novel approach for energy generation
Khanitta Moosopin

4. Innovation in renewable energy anagement; a solutionfor an ecological medium-level single detachedhousing development
Nuttasak Suksri, Pornphan Verapreyagura and Piriyathep Kanchanadul

5. Relationship between insulin resistance with anthropometry and biochemical parameter among obese adolescent (aged 16-18)
Udomsak Mahaweerawat,Thidharat Somdee, Suneerat Yangyuenand, Suvimol Sungkamanee

6. Arsenic contamination and groundwater quality in amphor khammarat and amphor khong chiam, ubon ratchathani province
Pranee Pattanapipitpaisal and Piyada Sudaluk

7. Analyzing and testing the efficiency of a 800 watt wind turbine generator
Muangmon Nathan and Umphisak Teeboonma

8. Pulmonary functions of traffic police, ubon ratchathani province
Nipaporn Muangchan, Thararat Pornyim, Yothaka Thanalun, Suthanyamad Buramuk and Suparat Khamdang

9. The influence of friction time and rotational speed on the strength of aisi 1015 steel rods welded by friction welding
Chuangchai Chuppava and chawalit thinvongpituk

10. Improvement of the thermal efficiency of a household cooking burner using a porous medium
Jarin Jenjit and Anirut Matthujak

11. Effect of test chamber conditions on the behavior of high speed diesel jets
Wuttichai Sittiwong, Kulachate Pianthong, Wirapan Seehanam, Anirut Matthujak and Chaidet Kasamnimitporn