1. The comparative morphology,anatomy and physiology of salt-tolerant and landrace rice cultivars under nacl stress
Suwat Terapongtanakorn, Boontium Lersupavithnapa, Kaew Udomsirichakorn, Aranya Pimmongkol

2. Effect of edta and edds on phytoextraction of lead from contaminated soil by ananas comosus (l) merr.
Tippawan Pojanaporn, Pantawas Sampanpanish

3. The effect of filter press cake composted on quality and productivity of hom mail organic rice
Suteera Sunthrarak

4. Treatment of heavy metals in wastewater using dregs as adsorbents
Witchuda Chaiyachok, Sutha Khaodhiar

5. Production of biodiesel from rice bran oil by catalyst and non catalyst supercritical methanol
Sukanya Hongthong, Somjai Kajorncheappunngam

6. A prediction of moisture content of tea leaves during drying process by the neural network model
Pairoj Duangnakhon, Seksan winyangkul

7. Kha and lao-ness - the meaning and origin of lao theung in thai and lao historyfrom colonial period to nation-state
Kampol Champapan

8. Cross-cultural marriage of thai women with japanese men
Yenjit Thinkham

9. The appropriated - adminisstrative model of the three southernmost provinces and application under the social institution linkage
Akom Chaikeaw