1. Performance of engine for power generation using biomass gases and biodiesel
Chayanon Sangmanee, Kulachet Pianthong, Pisit Techarungpaisan, Anirut Matthujak

2. Parameters affecting to the ultrasonic welding of circular plastic tube
Adisak Bootwong, Surasing Arayangkoon, Chawalit Thinvongpituk

3. Reviewing anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system to understand the mechanism of pregnancy prevention
Ratana Leksomboon

4. Health status of people in huai kao sarn watershed ubonrajathanee province
Mintra Sararuk, Mereerat Munwong, Thanyakarn Srivoramas

5. Physical environmental design inside elementary schools in accordance with the students’intelligence quotient, e. q. and m.q.
Wisit Saeingthong, Pornphan Verapreyagura, Chaiwat Riratanaphong, Woranart Raksakulthai

6. Open space design and management guidelines of office buildings to initiate activities and interaction to support users’ spiritual health
Akar Wangnoi, Pornphan Verapreyagura

7. Development of residential project to reduce waste of resources due to vacant units using sufficient environmental design and management
Traysorn Samarnrak, Pornphan Verapreyagura

8. Effects of customer relationship management on customer loyalty of e-commerce in thailand
Wirapong Chansanam, Kanchana sukanthasirikul, Karun Prathum

9. Management of the sufficiency economy community for education and trainingservices- case study in the sufficiency economy community,ubon ratchathani university
Sirirat Jansirisak

10. Study of students’ needs of library services at the instructional resources centre ubon ratchathani university
Maliwan Sinnoi