1. Effects of supplementing yeast - malate fermented cassava as a replacement concentrate on rumen fermentation efficiency and growth in native cattle
Sittisak Khampa, Pala Chawarat, Rungson Singhalert and Metha Wanapat

2. Factors affecting pasture devdlopment of dairy farms in ubon ratchathani and sisaket provinces
Prapont Booncharern, Noppamas Namdang and Wunchai Inthisaeng

3. Reduction of drag coefficient of the trailing cab pick-up truck
Kulachate Pianthong, Prachya Mukda and Wirapan Seehanam

4. An improvement in efficiency of a thermosyphon solar water heater by minimizing water flow rate in riser tube inside solar collector
Asoke Shithongtum and Pisit Techarungpaisan

5. A study of properties of round steel rod joints welded by friction welding
Surasing Arayangkun, Adisak Bootarawong, and Chawalit Thinvongpituk

6. The sun tracking system for solar radiation measurements
Pisit Techarungpaisan, Thanakorn Limsuwan, Chakrit Po-ngarm and Kulachate Pianthong

7. The application of a health belief model for improving preventive health behaviors in pesticide use among gardeners
Julaporn Kamrat and Summana Moolasarn

8. A management model for behavioral modification of receiving cervix cancer screening of suai speaking women in srirattana district,srisaket province
Prayoon Sonte, Namphung Dungkokkraud, Ronnarut Butsaenkom

9. How to eat for reducing the risk of disease
Mintra Sararuk

10. Intervention forecasting the number of international tourists in thailand by using the sarima intervention model
Akarapong Untong and Paweena Khampukka