1. The relationship between fibonacci numbers and lucas numbers
Montri Thongmoon

2. Development of indoor cultivation of straw mushrooms by agricultural residues
Uthai Unphim and Boonsong Ekkapong

3. Data collection for building a geographic information systems database
Theera Laphitchayangkul

4. A long term test of wear and engine performance in a small diesel engine using biodiesel obtained from used frying oil as fuel
Kulachate Pianthong, Kitipong Satiensaovapak, Ittipon Worapun and Wirapan Seehanam

5. The effect ratio of biodiesel-ethanol blends for performance and emission in high speed diesel engines
Ittipon Worapun, Kulachate Pianthong and Prachasanti Thaiyasuit

6. Simulation of natural convection heat transfer in high-viscosity oil using cfd
Watcharayut Lumdoun and Adun Janyalert-adun

7. Humans - the most important producers of global warming
Anyarat Suksing

8. Secondary metabolites and pharmacological activities of baubinia genus plants
Rawiwun Kaewamatawong

9. Development of the asean cooperration - from declaration to charter
Supachai wanalertsakul

10. Fund raising in public higher education institutions in thailand
Achara wattananarong

11. Factors affecting drop-out of undergraduate syudents of ubon rajathanee university
Maliwan Sinnoi