1. Isolation of bacteriophage specific to shigella dysenteriae from sewage water collected in ubon ratchathani province
Kanjana Nukdee

2. Development of an air-conditioner maintenance management model
Prongsak Auttaphut, Chuangchote Bhuntuvech, Somporn Chaiya, Preang Kitratporn, Chittrapa Kundalaputra

3. Increasing efficiency in production by applying lean production technique- a case study of auto parts factory
Apichart Premprachayan

4. The opinions of professional nurses towards work at sappasitthiprasong hospital,ubon ratchathani
Preecha Boonchoong, Kanungnit Rinthramee

5. Vector and raster data conversions techniques for mapping
Theera Laphitchayangkul

6. Smoking behavior and its related factors among staff and students at ubon rajathanee university
Mereerat Manwong

7. Accredited official laboratories attaining international standards- a case study of the ragional medical sciences center in ubon ratchathani
Supawan Kedtu-in

8. Identity among reality show fan clup members
Phatthranan Noonpakdee