1. A class effect of selective cox-2 inhibition on cardiovascular risk
Somchai Sinchaisuk

2. Evaluation of biological activities of crude extracts from cratoxylum formosum (jack.) dyer.and cayratia trifolia l. domin young shoots
Sudarat Homhual, Pajaree Tongngok, Sutharut Sonsrakhu and Juntra Bonjim

3. A comparison of academic achievement between ubu students admitted directly by the university & by the ministry of university affairs in academic year 1999 & 2000
Patcharee Navanich and Summana Moolasarn

4. The effect of firm differential advantage on the export performance of agro-industry in thailand
Attapon Chummee

5. Dye-sensitized solar cells,dsscs
Vinich Promarak, Sayant Saengsuwan and Tinnagon Keawin

6. The impact of tourism on the roles of hmong women street sellers in sa pa district, lao cai province.vietnam
Watcharee Srikham

7. Effect of gibberrellic acid on fruit quality of dragon fruit (hylocereus undatus)cv. while aril
Ratchadaporn Janthasri, Umaporn Rajun, Satin Pasuvitayakun and Kittipan Janthasri