1. Yield trials on table tomato varieties in rainy season in ubon ratchathani province
Boonsong Ekpong Apinya Ekpong and Uthai Unphim

2. A comparison of the academic achievements of university students who attended high schools inside vs high schools outside the city of ubon ratchathani
Patcharee navanich and Summana Moolasarn

3. Characterization of inhibitory substances produced from leuconostoc mesenteroides ubu1
Parichat Phumkhachorn and Pongsak Rattanachaikunsopon

4. Customer satisfaction with hotel guestrooms - a case study in ubon ratchathani province, thailand
Wanna Prayukvong, Jirapa Sophon, Surbpong Hongpukdee and Tharee Charupas

5. Effect of acetic acid and soaking period on the breaking of dormancy of rice seed var.rd 15 and khao dawk mali 105
Wasu Amaritsut, Khajorn Roaprasert and Pranee Sanwong

6. Factors in controlling the quantity and quality of litchi yield
Ratchadaporn Janthasri, Roungnapa Kaimagun and Kittipan Janthasri

7. Effect of applying preparatory instruction in child care for nursing students
Patcharee Waragidpoonpol, Nethong Namprom and Amornrat Ngamsuoy

8. Patient assessment of acupuncture at sappasitthiprasong hospital,ubon ratchathani province
Nonglek Boonchoong, Aujchareeya Janpirak and Poonyawat Watcharavichanan

9. Effects of effective microorganisms on yields of khao dawk mali 105 rice on roi-et soil series
Prapont Booncharern