1. Effect of paclobutrazol on inducing off-season flowering and fruit products of wax apple (eugenia javanica) cv. taiwan
Satit Pasuwityakoul, Ratchadaporn Janthasri and Kittipan Janthasri

2. Screening of xylanase - producing thermophilic and thermotolerant fungi and their xylanase production on some agricultural residues
Sophon Boonlue

3. Introduction to high-resolution satellite technology
Theera Laphitchayangkul

4. The application of q.c. tools in the luggage and leather goods factory
Nuchsara Kriengkorakot, Preecha Kriengkorakot and Mongkol Khuntee

5. A functional change of verbs converted to function words in thai
Ratree Chamniyom

6. The development of undergraduate english performance through the instruction of the concentrated language encounter (model 2) at rmut, bangkok commercial campus
Pornrungtip Kitisripanya

7. Evaluating uncertainty in an engineering economy using fuzzy theory
Preecha Kriengkorakot

8. A performance study of thermosyphon flat-plate solar hot water heater
Chackapun Piraksa and Sungseng Liengjindathaworn

9. Health promotion behaviors of students in ratchathani college of technology, ubon ratchathani province
Cholada Chaikoolvatana

10. Dpph free radical scavenging activity and total phenol compounds content of some thai medicinal plant extracts
Rawiwun Kaewamatawong and Zongporn Jounmunkong

11. Isan archeological tourism route by the archeological dance- a case of lopburi dance
Sopida Pimprapa, BoonyaSarit Aneksuk and Areerat RuangKumnerd