1. The development of a science curriculum related to real-life issues based on an inquiry cycle approach
Wanida Tanaprayothsak

2. Traverse calculation by computer programming
Theera Laphitchayangkul

3. Calculating the standard time of workers in a garment factory case study- sewing shorts model a1314
Nuchsara Kriengkorakot, Preecha Kriengkorakot, Prapaporn Thepsang and Kesirin Bunlusilp

4. Comparison of papaya varieties and papaya ringspot disease tolerance in ubon rachathani
Ratchadaporn Janthasri and Kittipan Janthasri

5. Student opinions of the teaching and learning process and the study results of the industrial project feasibility study subject, kmutnb - prachinburi
Pranom Utakrit

6. Antibiotic susceptibility of vibrio spp. isolated from oyster (ostrea edulis) at angsila, chonburi province
Sudsaichon Homthong and Thadaporn Wongput

7. Effect of pb3o4 dopanted on refractive index and absorbance properties of glass prepared from local sand
Raewat Laopaiboon, Jintana Laopaiboon, Lumpoon Ooxoon and Amporn Jitnork

8. Nanomaterials
Supakorn Pukird, Udom Tipparach and Tipawan Saipin

9. Indigenous poultry breeds for the new theory agriculture production in north-east thailand
Dherapol Bansiddhi and Kanjana Bansiddhi