1. Antibacterial activity of extracts from andrographis paniculata
Varisada Silaon, Oranuch Thanaketpaisarn, Sudarat Homhual, Janjira Srijangwang, Pornpan Chalermrum and bungorn Sripanidkulchai

2. Determination of elements in burial jar by edxrf techniques
Raewat Laopaiboon, Jintana Laopaiboon, Sukanya Baonoed and Sasitorn Punchaiphoo

3. Flux decline during nanofiltration of natural organic matter- impact of ph and ionic strength
Supatpong Mattaraj

4. Qulity of traditional liquid preparations for children and women produced in ubon ratchathani province
Wipawee Saohin, Karnchana Mahapol, Tanomsak Chiravut and Junya Intaranongpai

5. Study of microstructure and mechanical property in axe stees from trakan phutphon district in ubon ratchathani province
Raewat Laopaiboon and Jintana Laopaiboon

6. Study of temperature and incubation time for the growth and bacteriocin production of lactococcus sp. isolated from fermented food
Parichat Phumkhachon and Pongsak Rattanachaiyakunsopon