1. A review of the water footprint of biofuel crop production in thailand
Piyanon Kaenchan and Shabbir H. Gheewala

2. Improving the efficiency of large-scale biogas processes- pectinolytic enzymes accelerate the lignocellulose degradation
Ulrike Schimpf, Angelika Hanreich, Pia Mähnert, Torsten Unmack, S tefan Junne, Julian Renpenning and Rual Lopez-Ulibarri

3. Characterisation of bio-oil and bio-char from slow-pyrolysed nigerian yellow and white corn cobs
Joseph K. Ogunjobi and Labunmi Lajide

4. A metropolitan wind resource assessment for bangkok, thailand part 1- wind resource mapping
Carina P. Paton and Kasemsan Manomaiphiboon