1. Effect of variation of wave height and ocean depth on the performance of savonius rotors utilizing the orbital motion of ocean waves in shallow waters
V. Hindasageri, H. Ramesh

2. Micro-algal technology for sustainable energy production- state of the art
K. Sudhakar and M. Premalatha

3. Producing biodiesel from high free fatty acid jatropha curcas oil by a two step method- an indian case study
S.G. Bojan and S.K. Durairaj

4. Research and development of nuclear science and technology in preparing the nuclear industry in indonesia
S. Permana

5. Enhanced biomethanation in co-digestion of cassava pulp and pig manure using a two-phase anaerobic system
P. Panichnumsin, A. Nopharatana, B. Ahring and P. Chaiprasert

6. Diurnal rainfall variation over three rainfall regions within indonesia based on ten years of trmm data
A. Pribadi, P. Wongwises, U. Humphries, A. Limsakul and A. Wangwongchai

7. Carbon sequestration by mangrove forest planted specifically for charcoal production in yeesarn, samut songkram
P. Kridiborworn, A. Chidthaisong, M. Yuttitham and S. Tripetchkul