1. Studies of bioethanol production from some carbohydrate sources by gram positive bacteria
K.L. Tiwari, S.K. Jadhav and S. Tiwari

2. Criteria for forecasting cold surges associated with strong high pressure areas over thailand during the winter monsoon
P. Wongsaming, R.H.B. Exell

3. Energy recovery of the solid waste of the olive oil industries- lca analysis and carbon footprint assessment
F. Intini, S. Kühtz, G. Rospi

4. Impact management- nuclear power plant project in thailand
Prasit Siritiprussamee, Vutthi Bhathumnavin and Chuvej Chansa-ngavej

5. Validation of a computerised analytical model for evaluating natural hydrocarbon mixtures as alternative refrigerants
M.M. El-Awad

6. Effect of stove types on in-kitchen air quality- case study at way isem village, lampung province, indonesia
U. Hasanudin, A. Haryanto, J. Romero

7. Modeling of solid oxide fuel cell with internal reforming operation fueled by natural gas
F. Priyakorn, N. Laosiripojana, S. Assabumrungrat