1. Experimental investigation of using eucalyptus oil and diesel fuel blends in kirloskar tv1 direct injection diesel engine
K. Anandavelu, N. Alagumurthi, C.G. Saravannan

2. Potential utilization of sap from oil palm (elaeis guineensis) for lactic acid production by lactobacillus casei
S. Chooklin, L. Kaewsichan, J. Kaewsrichan

3. Eco-labeling criteria for textile products with the support of textile flows- a case study of the vietnamese textile industry
Van Nam Thai, Akihiro Tokay, Yugo Yamamoto, Dinh Tuan Nguyen

4. Performance of savonious rotors for utilizing the orbital motion of ocean waves in shallow waters
Vijaykumar Hindasageri, H. Ramesh, S.C. Kattimani

5. Preparation of visible-light-responsive tio2 doped ag thin film on pet plastic for btex treatment
Piangjai Peerakiatkhajorn, Wandee Onreabroy, Chamorn Chawengkijwanich, Siriluk Chiarakorn

6. Towards power to all- a case study on misuse of power in lucknow, india
Saurabh Mani Tripathi

7. Full scale anaerobic digester for treating palm oil mill wastewater
Jetsada Chotwattanasak, Udomphon Puetpaiboon