1. Benefits and costs of urban mass transit in asia - cases for bangkok, hanoi, jakarta and manila
N. Doi

2. Acoustic and visual impacts of a 0.25 mw wtg at huasai, nakhon si thammarat in southern thailand
J. Waewsak, C. Kongruang, N. Matan, C. Prompat

3. Optimizing benefits of multiple-slat shading device and high performance glazing on high-rise buildings
S. Chirarattananon, P. Rugkwamsuk, D. Matuampunwong

4. Numerical simulation on effects of laser fluence on temporal and time integrated lii-process of soot particle
W. Ketren, P. Vallikul, A. Garo, G. Grehan

5. Methane generation rate constant in tropical landfill
K. Wangyao, M. Yamada, K. Endo, T. Ishigaki, T. Naruoka, S. Towprayoon, C. Chiemchaisri, N. Sutthasil

6. Mathematical modeling of a solid oxide fuel cell with nearly spherical-shaped electrode particles
P. Chinda, S. Chanchaona, P. Brault, W. Wechsatol

7. A comparative study on water and energy indicators for irrigated and rain-fed canola production systems in iran
S.H. Mousavi-Avval, S. Rafiee, A. Jafari