1. Simulation of transmission of daylight through cylindrical light pipes
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2. Optimization of biodiesel production from jatropha curcas l. oil via alkali-catalyzed methanolysis
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3. Demand side management options in the household sector through lighting efficiency improvement for java-madura-bali islands in indonesia
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4. Dilute acid pretreatment of bamboo for fermentable sugar production
W. Leenakul, N. Tippayawong

5. Potential of decentralized generation in thailand and its contribution
W. Somcharoenwattana, C. Menke, A. Bangviwat, F. Harahap

6. Quantification of liquid water saturation in a transparent single-serpentine cathode flow channel of pem fuel cell by using image processing
S. Nirunsin, Y. Khunatorn

7. Scenarios for sustainable biomass use in the mekong delta, vietnam
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