1. Cleaner production options at a coal preparation facility in vietnam
L.B.V. Bach, S.H. Gheewala

2. Determining water conditions in the northeastern rivers of thailand using time series and water quality index models
N. Singkran, A. Yenpiem, P. Sasitorn

3. Application of the d2-law to determine time evolution and burn-out time of evaporating biodiesel spray drop-size distribution
K. Tuntivoranukul, P. Vallikul, B. Fungtammasan, P. Yongyingsakthavorn, C. Dumouchel

4. Greenhouse gas balance for electricity production from biomass resources in thailand
W. Siemers

5. Optimal transmission expansion planning using ant colony optimization
N. Leeprechanon, P. Limsakul, S. Pothiya

6. Performance tests of the asian dust aerosol model 2 (adam 2)
S.U. Park, A. Choe, M.S. PArk, Y. Chun

7. Study of combustion characteristics of an si engine fuelled with ethanol and oxygenated fuel additives
C. Ananda Srinivasan, C.G. Saravanan