1. Reactive extraction of 1,3-propanediol from model mixture of fermentation broth using novel carbon based catalyst
P. Boonnoun, C. Muangnapoh, P. Prasitchoke, V. Tantayakom, A. Shotipruk

2. Using plsrgm (0, n) method to predict china s transportation sector energy demand
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3. Design of steam reforming reactor for converting methanol into hydrogen using an ultrasonic nebulizer as liquid feeder and polymer liquid processed cuo zno al2o3 particles as catalyst
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4. Effect of annealing temperatures on surface morphology and electrical properties of titanium dioxide thin films prepared by sol gel method
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5. Exploratory case studies evaluating convective parameterization schemes for model predictions of heavy rainfall in thailand
S. Yavinchan, R.H.B. Exell, D. Sukawat

6. Cobalt aluminate (coal2o4) derived from co-al-tea complex and its dielectric behaviors
S. Ummartyotin, S. Sangngern, A. Kaewvilai, N. Koonsaeng, H. Manuspiya, A. Laobuthee