1. Prevalence of human papillomavirus 16&18 in oral cavity and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma in rajavithi hospital
Manus Potaporn, Porn-Ake Apipan, Suchada Suphanpayak

2. Outcomes of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in rajavithi hospital
Sukrom Cheecharern, Chaiwat Lohpongpaiboon

3. Correlation between transperineal and transvaginal sonography in cervical length measurement among normal thai pregnant women at 16 to 24 weeks of gestation
Ekachai Kovavisarach, Rujirek Kedthong

4. Effectiveness of single-dose methotrexate in management of ectopic pregnancy
Suvanna Asavapiriyanont, Piyanan Tangvenichcharoensuk

5. Nomogram of cervical length at mid-trimester in normal thai pregnant women
Ekachai Kovavisarach, Wipawan Sukontaman

6. Knowledge and health care readiness among a middle-aged group with diabetes risk factors
Winai Srisa-ard

7. Response to treatment of chronic hepatitis c infection genotypes 1 and 6 with peginterferon alfa plus ribavirin in rajavithi hospital
Siam Sirinthornpunya, Thanaya Techasiriaongkun

8. Carotid intima media thickness and plaque in type 2 diabetes without cardiovascular disease
Prapasri Eiamthong, Chaicharn Deerochanawong

9. Maternal physical parameters for predicting neonatal birthweight
Prapon Jaruyawongs, Saowanee Manovit

10. Incidence of pancreatic fistula after using n-butyl-2-cyanoacylate glue for pancreaticojejunostomy anastomosis after pancreatoduodenectomy in rajavithi hospital
Wipawee Inthasotti, Sa-ard Teepongkaruna, Kittipong Chaibut, Jumpol Singhirunusorn, Somboon Subwongcharoen, Nattaya Direksil

11. The relationship between rate-pressure product and coronary artery stenosis in patients with positive exercise stress test
Surapun Pongsuthana, Chuntisa Arayangkoon

12. Liver stiffness measurement by point and 2d elastography: a comparison of the relative merits of using mean or median values
Seksan Chitwiset

13. Efficacy of treating chronic hepatitis c genotype 3 infection with peginterferon alfa plus ribavirin in real-world practice
Apichet Sirinawasatien, Thanaya Techasirioangkun

14. Comparison of the outcomes of laparoscopic and open nephrectomy in rajavithi hospital
Tanet Thaidumrong, Somjith Duangkae

15. Cutoff point of intraoperative parathyroid hormone in predicting successful parathyroidectomy in renal hyperparathyroidism
Sathit Niramitmahapanya, Reshma Chawla, Boontida Vasikasin

16. Effects of dry eyes on corneal keratometry measured by verion tm image guided system
Somporn Chantra, Siriwan Jamtubtim

17. Cytopathology reporting using the new bethesda system of thyroid fnac and correlation with histopathological follow-up: a three-year study of routine service at rajavithi hospital
Saranyu Nakrangsee

18. Change in corneal biomechanics with warm compression for treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction
Somporn Chantra, Sopita Anantamongkonkul

19. Antimicrobial susceptibility of toxigenic clostridium difficile strains at rajavithi hospital
Prakaithip Thongkoom, Marina Pupan, Pitchaya Tuntrakul, Nittaya Masan, Lerdthip Teammongkolrat

20. Dietary supplement consumption among personnel in rajavithi hospital
Charuwan Manmee, Kanya Janpol, Tanida Makeaw

21. Incidence of hypersensitivity reactions from paclitaxel
Roongthip Tangsaghasaksri, Pattama Jainan

22. Clinico-pathological correlation of inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of the eye mimicking nodular scleritis: a case report
Teeravee Hongyok, Sakchai Chitpakdee, Sopita Anantamongkonkul

23. Calvarial freehand entry point localization using virtual orbito-meatal (om) computerized tomography (ct) study plane as reference: a case report
Anant Ananthanandorn

24. Laparoscopic en bloc partial cystectomy in urachal adenocarcinoma: initial experience in rajavithi hospital
Tanet Thaidumrong

25. Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy for large renal tumor with small wound extraction - a case report and technical considerations in rajavithi hospital
Tanet Thaidumrong