1. A randomized controlled trial comparing serum theophylline levels and side effects between two regimens of aminophylline in preterm infants
Kanmalee Jenjarat, Napol Chitsrisakda, Nithipun Suksumek, Sangkae Chamnanvanakij

2. Comparative analysis of hiv-related attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs between people living with hiv and health care workers in thailand
Kanat Chanthongdee, Dhanach Dhirachaikulpanich, Kamonluk Rodsom, Kunravitch Soraprajum, Teeramet Pungprasert, Peerapol Riawraengsattha, Patcharida Mahatchariyapong, Chakrapong Namatra, Varalak Srinonprasert, Akarin Nimmannit, Peerawong Weerarak, Pattarachai Kiratisin

3. A community-based lifestyle modi ? ication for prevention diabetes in pre-diabetes: a quasi-experimental study
Sangthong Terathongkum, Supichaya Wangpitipanit, Phachongchit Kraithaworn, Sakda Arj-Ong Vallibhakara

4. Pharmacodynamic evaluation of oral amoxicillin, amoxicillin/clavulanate, cefditoren, and azithromycin against streptococcus pneumoniae -caused respiratory tract infections: a monte carlo simulation
Sermwoot Jannual, Preecha Montakantikul, Jantana Houngsaitong, Visanu Thamlikitkul, Paveena Sonthisombat

5. Divergent effects of turmeric crude extract on p-glycoprotein activity in healthy male subjects: a randomized crossover study
Nut Koonrungsesomboon, Nutthiya Hanprasertpong, Saranyapin Potikanond, Juntra Karbwang, Supanimit Teekachunhatean

6. Endourethral swab versus urine collection for real-time pcr with taqman probe based detection of gonorrheal infection among men who have sex with men
Jiratha Budkaew, Bandit Chumworathayi, Chamsai Peintong, Tipaya Ekalaksananan

7. Comparison of prevalence and risk factors associated with cognitive impairment between rural and urban elderly in thailand
Sariyamon Tiraphat, Wichai Aekplakorn

8. Does endoscopic obstruction in colorectal cancer require urgent surgery and result in poor prognostic factors?
Sermsri Pongratanakul, Chairat Supsamutchai, Pitichote Hiranyatheb, Jakrapan Jirasiritham, Chumpon Wilasrusmee

9. Ict exposure in children younger than 2 years: rates, associated factors, and health outcomes
Adisak Plitponkarnpim, Chiranuwat Srikaew, Pongtong Puranitee, Sakda Arj-Ong Vallibhakara

10. Role of diffusion-weighted mr imaging in differentiation of infectious spondylodiscitis and spinal malignancy
Theeraphol Panyaping, Supika Wansophonkul, Lojana Tuntiyatorn

11. Efficacy and safety of antipsychotic medications in the treatment of delirium
Veevarin Charoenporn

12. Oral mucosal lesions in thai elderly dental patients
Adjabhak Wongviriya, Patcharaphol Samnieng, Chaidan Intapa, Pensri Phothipakdee, Ruchadaporn Kaomongkolgit

13. Incidence and predicting factors of cerebellar stroke in patients with acute vestibular syndrome in songklanagarind emergency department: a preliminary study
Thanya Limapichat, Athittaya Techawantochandej

14. Anti-fungal effect of n-butyl cyanoacrylate glue in ophthalmic application: an experimental study
Passara Jongkhajornpong, Pitak Santanirand, Kaevalin Lekhanont, Varintorn Chuckpaiwong, Sakda Arj-Ong Vallibhakara

15. Factor of long term outcome in closed reduction of condylar fracture of the mandible: a prospective study
Chairat Burusapat

16. Vitamin d status and its associated factors in rural s u b j e c t s i n n a k h o n s i t h a m m a r a t p r o v i n c e , s o u t h e r n t h a i l a n d
Nutjaree Jeenduang, Chalee Sriprachan, Thunyaluk Plyduang, Manit Nuinoon, Dararat Horpet, Boonnisa Sangkaew, Narissara Kaewboonlert

17. Ultrasound of focal lesions of the hand and wrist: accuracy, validity, and factors determining treatment decision
Thumanoon Ruangchaijatuporn, Nattaree Chunlertrith, Suphaneewan Jaovisidha, Patarawan Woratanarat

18. Acute flaccid paralysis in single upper limb with hfmd from enterovirus71 infection: case report and review of the literature
Sudarat Charoensanti

19. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis associated with dengue infection in children: a case report and review literature
Vitchayaporn Emarach Saengow, Oragarn Wongfukiat