1. Efficacy of the trivalent influenza vaccination in thai patients with hemodialysis or kidney transplant compared with healthy volunteers
Udom Krairittichai, Malinee Chittaganpitch

2. A randomized controlled trial of staple fixation versus n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate fixation in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair
Somboon Subwongcharoen, Kanchana Ruksakul

3. Inferior vena cava diameter & collapsibility index- a practical non-invasive evaluation of intravascular fluid volume in critically-ill patients
Prasert Thanakitcharu, Marisa Charoenwut, Napha Siriwiwatanakul

4. Survival and prognostic factors of stage i-iii breast cancer
Sudsawat Laohavinij, Ki Ruikchuchit, Jedzada Maneechavakajorn

5. Outcomes of complete radical hysterectomy in early-stage cervical cancer patients with intra-operative detection of nodal metastases
Suphet Tuipae, Chayada Wongsuwan

6. Abnormal electroencephalography in first unprovoked seizure in rajavithi hospital
Petcharat Dusitanond

7. Recurrence rate of psvt in rajavithi emergency department
Sumitra Piyanuttapull, Prapassorn Patarananakul

8. Association between hs-crp and hba1c in overweight type 2 diabetic female patients
Veerasak Sarinnapakorn, Warangkana Wanicagool

9. The results of comparisons between ct-guided and fluoroscopic-guided spinal biopsy
Somchai Cherdchukiatsakul

10. Stability of adrenaline in ambulance and drug storage room narenthorn center, rajavithi hospital
Nopmanee Tantivesruangdet

11. Maternal 25 hydroxyvitamin d level and its correlation in thai gestational diabetes patients
Navaporn Napartivaumnuay, Sathit Niramitmahapanya, Chaicharn Deerochanawong, Thongkum Suthornthepavarakul, Veerasak Sarinnapakorn, Prapon Jaruyawongs

12. Effect of 4 gelofusine plus antibiotics on renal impairment and mortality in high-risk cirrhotic patients with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis
Siam Sirinthornpunya, Krongthip Luangvichcharoen

13. Incidence of primary colorectal cancer from colonoscopy examinations in patients presenting with liver mass
iripong Sirikurnpiboon, Burin Awapittaya, Jerasak Wannaprasert

14. Comparison of outcomes for staple and conventional closure of the pharynx following total laryngectomy
Phakdee Sannikorn, Natita Pornniwes

15. Prevalence and factors influencing exclusive breast-feeding in rajavithi hospital
Phawinee Plewma

16. Laparoscopic radical cystectomy with total intracorporeal ileal neobladder
Tanet Thaidumrong

17. Laparoscopic retropubic simple prostatectomy for large benign prostatic hyperplasia
Tanet Thaidumrong, Danaiphand Akarasakul

18. Fulminant type i diabetes- the first case report in thailand
Navaporn Napartivaumnuay, Thongkum Suthornthepvarakul, Chaicharn Deerochanawong, Veerasak Sarinnapakorn, Sathit Niramitmahapanya

19. Disseminated viridians streptococcus infection presenting with toxic shock-like syndrome
Poj Intalapaporn, Sunee Wongcharoen, Anongnart Chinapha, Tavatchai Jariyasethpong