1. Combined maternal serum inhibin a and embryonic-fetal heart rate for the prediction of pregnancy outcome in a first-trimester threatened abortion
Vorapong Phupong, Tharangrut Hanprasertpong

2. Rectal misoprostol in management of retained placenta a contradictory result
Saipin Pongsatha, Theera Tongsong

3. Sensitivity and specificity of modified 100-g oral glucose tolerance tests for diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus
Jarunee Hansarikit, Saknan Manotaya

4. Antibiotic prescription for adults with acute diarrhea at king chulalongkorn memorial hospital thailand
Surachai Supcharassaeng, Chusana Suankratay

5. Central nervous system infections in hiv-infected patients hospitalized at king chulalongkorn memorial hospital
Siriporn Kongsiriwattanakul, Chusana Suankratay

6. The efficacy of silver mesh dressing compared with silver sulfadiazine cream for the treatment of pressure ulcers
Apirag Chuangsuwanich, Orawan Charnsanti, Visanu Lohsiriwat, Chupaporn Kangwanpoom, Narumol Thong-In

7. Prevalence of pin-site infection the comparison between silver sulfadiazine and dry dressing among open tibial fracture patients
Varah Yuenyongviwat, Boonsin Tangtrakulwanich

8. Tarsal fracture operation in cicatricial entropion
Fontip Na Pombejara, Suppapong Tirakunwichcha

9. The impact of central corneal thickness on intraocular pressure measured by non-contact tonometry
Boonchai Wangsupadilok, Orasa Horatanaruang

10. Ultrasound biomicroscopy measured anterior and posterior chamber diameters-a novel way to evaluate angle-closure glaucoma
Chaniya Kulachanpises, Kanokwan Yuttitham, Boonsong Wanichwecharungruang

11. The effectiveness of clinical practice guideline for nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal cancer to reduce acute treatment toxicity from concurrent chemoradiation
Nan Suntornpong, Mathurot Sukkasem, Chiraporn Uwattanasombat, Nataya Samasanti, Kullathorn Thephamongkol

12. The value of mdct scans in differentiation between benign and malignant gallbladder wall thickening
Ranista Tongdee, Panitpong Maroongroge, Wanwarang Suthikeree

13. Association between exhaled carbon monoxide and oral health status in active and passive smokers
Supaporn Chatrchaiwiwatana, Amornrat Ratanasiri

14. Validation study of the thai id pain scale
Wasuwat Kitisomprayoonkul

15. Prevalence of low back pain among rice farmers in a rural community in thailand
Panada Taechasubamorn, Tawesak Nopkesorn, Supasit Pannarunothai

16. Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome with increased intracranial pressure, probably related to altitude changes and windy winter travelling
Chaitawat Tienviboon, Sompone Punyagupta, Anon Pongtarakulpanit, Surawut Prichanond

17. Carotid dissection causing stroke in a 13-year-old boy with mild hyperhomocysteinemia case report
Apasri Lusawat

18. Bilateral endogenous endophthalmitis in disseminated ntm infection a case report
Supat Sinawat, Yosanan Yospaiboon, Suthasinee Sinawat