1. A case report of tumor-induced osteomalacia eight year followed-up
Tanaporn Ratanasuwan MD*, Somchai Chetsurakarn MD*, Boonsong Ongphiphadhanakul MD**, Somneok Damrongkitchaiporn MD**

2. Alcohol septal ablation for hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, the first cases series in thailand
Noppadol Chamnarnphol MD*, Treechada Wisaratapong MD*

3. Attempted suicide by massive insulin injection a case report and review of the literature
Yotsapon Thewjitcharoen MD*, Nampetch Lekpittaya MD*, Thep Himathongkam MD, FACP, FACE*

4. Bilateral acute onset myopia and angle closure glaucoma after oral topiramate a case report
Sumalee Boonyaleephan MD*

5. Cardiac troponin-t in pre-end stage kidney disease
Songsak Kiatchoosakun MD*, Dujdao Sahasthas MD*, Chaiyasith Wongvipaporn MD*, Cholatip Pongskul MD**

6. Clinical characteristics of adhd in thai children
Umaporn Trangkasombat MD*

7. Dimensional guide to harvesting the radius for orofacial reconstruction
Wandee Apinhasmit DDS, PhD*, Supin Chompoopong MS, PhD**, Dolly Methathrathip DDS*, Nutchaya Amornmettajit BEd**

8. Fatty acid composition in breast milk from 4 regions of thailand
Pipop Jirapinyo MD*, Narumon Densupsoontorn MD*, Dujdao Wiraboonchai MD*, Umaporn Vissavavejam MD*, Tharinee Tangtrakulvachira MD*, Paweena Chungsomprasong MD*, Nuchnoi Thamonsiri BSc*, Renu Wongarn BA*

9. Gender differences in infertility-related stress and the relationship between stress and social support in thai infertile couples
Opas Sreshthaputra MD*, Rung-aroon Sreshthaputra MSc*, Teraporn Vutyavanich MD*

10. Guidelines for antiretroviral therapy in hiv-1 infected adults and adolescents the recommendations of the thai aids society (tas) 2008
Somnuek Sungkanuparph MD1, Thanomsak Anekthananon MD2, Narin Hiransuthikul MD, MPH, PhD3,

11. In vitro antimicrobial activity of phramongkutklao hydroxyapatite antibiotic pellet
Thanainit Chotanaphuti MD*, Panya Surijamorn MD*, Suriya Luenam MD*, Pipat Ongnamthip MD**

12. Local perianal nerve block versus spinal block for closed hemorrhoidectomy a ramdomized controlled trial
Sahaphol Anannamcharoen MD*, Piyapan Cheeranont MD*, Chinnakrit Boonya-usadon MD*

13. Multicentered study of model of difficult endotracheal intubation by incident reports from university and non-university hospitals
Ketchada Uerpairojkit MD*, Tharnthip Pranootnarabhal MD**, Yodying Punjasawadwong MD***, Sirilux Chumnanvej MD****, Surasak Tanudsintum MD****, Wirat Wasinwong MD*****, Wiroj Pengpol MD******

14. Nomograms of the fetal heart between 16 and 39 weeks of gestation
Athita Chanthasenanont MD*, Charintip Somprasit MD*, Densak Pongrojpaw MD*

15. Normal anal position index in thai newborns
Sanguansak Rerksuppaphol MD*, Lakkana Rerksuppaphol MD**

16. Optic neuritis in a patient with miller-fisher syndrome
Praween Lolekha MD*, Kammant Phanthumchinda MD*

17. Post stroke shoulder subluxation and shoulder pain a cohort multicenter study
Sumalee Suethanapornkul MD*, Patcharawimol Srisa-an Kuptniratsaikul MD**, Vilai Kuptniratsaikul MD***, Pimwipa Uthensut MD*, Piyapat Dajpratha MD***, Jongkolporn Wongwisethkarn MNS*

18. Prevalence and management of cancer pain in srinagarind hospital, khon kaen, thailand
Patravoot Vatanasapt MD, MS*, Sunee Lertsinudom BSc, BCP***, Aumkhae Sookprasert MD**, Anakapong Phunmanee MD**, Nutjaree Pratheepawanit PhD***, Sirintip Wattanaudomrot Bpharm****, Ubol Juangpanich BSc, MSN****, Tatiya Treapkhuntong BSc****

19. Prevalence of depression among a population aged over 45 years in chiang mai, thailand
Suparus Wangtongkum MD*, Phongsakorn Sucharitakul MSW (Clinical)*, Sriwanna Wongjaroen Dip in Nurse*, Suthin Maneechompoo Dip in Nurse*

20. Prognostic significance of er, pr, ki67, c-erbb-2, and p53 in endometrial carcinoma
Cheepsumon Suthipintawong MD*, Charnyut Wejaranayang MD**, Chroen Vipupinyo MD**

21. Reagent strip testing for antenatal screening and first meaningful of asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant women
Ekachai Kovavisarach MD*, Maytina Vichaipruck MD*, Suwattana Kanjanahareutai MSc**

22. Serum cardiac troponin-t as a prognostic marker in septic shock
Tanarat Choon-ngarm MD*, Pailin Partpisanu MD*

23. Thai falls risk assessment test (thai-frat) developed for community-dwelling thai elderly
Ladda Thiamwong PhD, RN*, Jittima Thamarpirat MD, MSc**, Wantana Maneesriwongul DNS, RN***, Sutthichai Jitapunkul MD, MSc**

24. The accuracy of intraoperative frozen sections in the diagnosis of ovarian tumors
Pornsawan Wasinghon MD*, Cheepsumon Suthippintawong MD**, Suphet Tuipae MD*

25. The accuracy of late antenatal screening cultures in predicting intrapartum group b streptococcal colonization
Ekachai Kovavisarach MD*, Porntaj Jarupisarnlert MD*, Suwattana Kanjanaharuetai MSc**

26. The thai anesthesia incident monitoring study (thai aims) of endobronchial intubation an analysis of 1996 incident reports
Krairerk Sintavanuruk MD*, Oraluxna Rodanant MD**, Intiporn Kositanurit MD***, Phuping Akavipat MD****, Aksorn Pulnitiporn MD*****, Wimonrat Sriraj MD******

27. Utility of plasma fluorometric emission scanning for diagnosis of the first 2 cases reports of variegate porphyria a very rare type of porphyrias in thai
Leena Chularojanamontri MD*, Chanisada Tuchinda MD*, Chatchawan Srisawat MD, PhD**, Neelobol Neungton MD**, Sarawut Junnu BSc**, Surin Kanyok MSc**