1. Health-related quality of life of thai chronic liver disease patients
Pinyupa Plianbangchang, Kultida Chaijinda, Ekawee Sripariwuth, Kanchalee Jetiyanon

2. Phototoxic activity of selected thai rutaceous and umbelliferous plant extracts
Apirach Phachasupap, Chatubhong Singharachai, Chanida Palanuvej, Nijsiri Ruangrungsi

3. Alcohol consumption and health consequences among villagers in thum tong sub-district, muang nan district, nan province, thailand
Thanawat Rattawitoon, Usaneya Perngparn

4. Factors associated with diarrhea among children under five years of age in banten province, indonesia
Nida Rohmawati, Alessio Panza, Somrat Lertmaharit

5. Analysis of trans fatty acid content in snacks and non-dairy creamers by attenuated total reflection fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Waraporn Suwannakood, Chamnan Patarapanich, Linna Tongyonk

6. Forecasting tuberculosis (mortality) in thailand using multivariate linear regression
Sampurna Kakchapati, Chamnein Choonpradub