1. Assessment of knowledge and preventive behavior against influenza a (h1n1) among international students at chulalongkorn university bangkok thailand
Melvin Ngozi Omelihu

2. Association of length of stay and readmission rate among schizophrenic patients in nakhon phanom psychiatric hospital, nakhon phanom
Kitkawee Pono, Sathirakorn Pongpanich, Pitakpol Boonyamalik

3. Clients’ satisfaction towards health care services at outpatient department, pinlon hospital, yangon, myanmar
Aung Htet Win, Alessio Pawa

4. Comparison of curing costs between maggot and conventional therapies for chronic wound care
Suwannee Eamkong, Sathirakorn Pongpanich, Chanapong Rojanaworarit

5. Cost identification analysis of cervical cancer screening in roi et province
Wachara Eamratsameekool, Sathirakorn Pongpanich

6. Factors affecting anxiety and depression in myanmar migrant adolescents i in bang bon district
Hpoo Pwint Khine, Alessio Pawa

7. Factors affecting breast self-examination among women in roi et municipality, roi et province
Wasana Labnongsang, Khemika Yamarat

8. Factors affecting development of children aged 3-5 years in muangphrai primary care unit, selaphum district, roi-et province
Yuttakorn Netthaworn, Robert S. Chapman

9. Factors affecting quality of life among patients with post-operative breast cancer in roi-et province
Ekkasit Mamanee, Robert S. Chapman

10. Factors effecting on women satisfaction of cervical cancer screening in roi et province
Kraisorn Sansingha, Khemika Yamarat

11. Factors influencing health behaviors of elders in mueang district, roi et province
Siriwat Chaihanit, Prathurng Hongsranagon, Piyalamporn Havanond

12. Factors influnencing the practice of household waste management among myanmar migrants in muang district, ranong province
Ye Hein Naing, Ratana Somrongthong

13. Factors related with health-related quality of life for adult myanmar migrant workers in muang district, chiang rai province
Malulie Tongprasert, Prathurng Hongsranagon, Piyalamporn Havanond

14. Incidence of suicide attempts and its associated factors at the provincial general hospital badulla, sri lanka
Asanka Wedamulla, Sathirakorn Pongpanich

15. Knowledge, attitude and practice of combined oral contraceptives (cocs) among myanmar migrant married women of reproductive age at ranong province in thailand
Ei Phyu Phyu Chaw, Surasak Taneepanichskul

16. Knowledge, attitude, and practice (kap) of diabetes mellitus type ii patients in multidisciplinary program at diabetes mellitus clinic, phanomphrai hospital, phanomphrai district, roi-et province
Rapat Ehnithiset, Prathurng Hongsranagon, Piyalamporn Havanond

17. Knowledge, attitude, and practice (kap) of using personal protective equipment (ppe) for chih-growing farmers in huarua sub-district, mueang district, ubon rachathani province
Saowanee Norkaew, Wattasit Siriwong, Sumana Siripattanakul, Mark Robson

18. Knowledge, attitude, and practice towards childhood tuberculosis in guardians of patients visiting the pediatric out-patient department, sirindhorn hospital
SureeJirapaiboonsuk, Robert S. Chapman

19. Living and working environment, and factors associated with the safe sex behavior and sexually transmitted infection of myanmar migrant workers in muang district, ranong province
Yan Naing Aung, Sathirakom Pongpanic

20. Maie involvement in prevention of mother to child transmission of hiv aids services among married men in kyaikmaraw township, mon state, myanmar
Thidar Aung, Ratana Somrongthong

21. Model for behavioral change in high risk toward diabetes type ii patients by camping, mueang district, roi et province
Sura Suphomin, Prathurng Hongsranagon, Piyalak Pakdeesamai

22. Practice of contraception in premarital and marital sexual relationship among myanmar youth migrants in bang bon district, bangkok
Win Mar Han, khemika Yamarat, Alessio Panza

23. Prevalence and factors associated with late referral to nephrologist in chronic kidney disease patients
Awasda Changpetch, Surasak Taneepanichskul

24. Prevalence of and factors associated with depression in thai adult general opd patients at phanomphrai hospital, roi-et province
Punchanit Nuntatikul, Prathurng Hongsranagon, Piyalamporn Havanond

25. Respiratory symptoms in relation to home air conditioning among office workers in male, maldives
Aminath Shaufa, Robert S. Chapman

26. Risk assessment for dermal exposure of organophosphate pesticides in rice-growing farmers at rangsit agricultural area, pathumthani province, central thailand
Un Mei Pan, Wattasit Siriwong

27. Risk assessment of chlorpynfos associated with dermal exposure in chilli-growing farmers at ubon rachathani province
Nutta Taneepanichskul, Wattasit Siriwong, Sumana Siripattanakul, Sathirakorn Pongpanich, Mark G. Robson

28. Satisfaction of betel nut chalk for aedes aegypti larva control project, chaturaphak phiman district, roi et province
Supit Vorachate, Ratana Somrongthong, Kanchana Rungsihirunrat

29. Satisfaction of the elderly after complete dentures insertion on upper and lower arch at jaturapakpiman district, roi et province
Jarinya Chomjai, Robert S. Chapman

30. Satisfaction of the elderly people towards healthy and happiness on the buddhst day project , nangam sub-district, selaphum district, roi et province
Wannee Jamparkan, Ratana Somrongthong

31. Self-initiated reasons for dental service use and received dental care interventions of adult and elderly patients attendmg a district hospital in southern thailand
Chanpong Rojanaworarit, Alessio Panza, AngkanaThearmontree, Akkararat Muengsan

32. Sexually transmitted infections among urban men attendmg the out patient department of federal government services hospital islamabad, pakistan
Irshad AIi Jokhio, Alessio Panza, Piyalamporn Havanond

33. The effects of household air pollution due to burning of mosquito coils on respiratory problems in myanmer migrants in mae sot district, tak province
Tharaphy, Robert S. Chapman

34. Efficiency in visual function and quality of life of pre and post of cataract surgery patients in roi et hospital, roi et province
Petchara Ratanachan, Prathurng Hongsranagon, Piyalamporn Havanond