1. Effect of dietary supplementation of vitamin c on growth performances and feed efficiency of striped snakehead fish (channa striata) fingerlings
Thuchapol Karaket, Benjapon Chomcham and Sathorn Prongkasem

2. Effects of water colors on growth and survival rate of juveniles asian seabass (lates calcarifer bloch 1790) in aquaponic systems
Winyoo Boonprasert, Prachaub Chaibu, Kriangsak Mengumphan, Jongkol Promya and Chanagun Chitmanat

3. The effect of photoperiod manipulation on growth and survival rate of marble goby ( oxyeleotris marmorata (bleeker, 1852)) juveniles
Itsaram Saensupa, Jakkaphan Tanitsorn, Prameda Thipdacho and Kriengkrai Seetapan

4. Effect of natural carotenoid as sources of pigment in goldfish ( carassius auratus ) diet
Bancherd Sornsupharp

5. Effect of stocking density by tropical carpet grass ( axonopus compressus ) f eed on grow th of juvenile golden apple snail ( pomacea canaliculata ) to marketable sizes
Krittima Saowakoon and Samnao Saowakoon

6. The effect of fish stocking density on effluent nutrients for growth and yield of riceberry
Jamjun Pechsiri, Thaweedet Chainapong and Uaichai Boonyanupong

7. The increase on production of moina ( moina macrocopa ) and concentrated chlorella by using phytoplankton for biore mediation from aquaculture wastewater
Talerngkiat Somnuek, Samnao Saowakoon and Krittima Saowakoon

8. Abundance and diversity of aquatic worms in chiang mai province, thailand
Sirichat Soonthornvipat and Prachaub Chaibu

9. Evaluation of morphometric characteristics and genetic relationship of northeastern siamese tigerfish ( d atnioides undecimradiatus (roberts & kottelat, 1994)) with other species in the genus datnioides bleeker, 1853 using rapd markers
Suriya Udduang and Thanatip Lamkom

10. The application of g eoinformatics for evaluating suitable area for land snails ( cyclophorus spp. and hemiplecta d istincta ) in eastern thailand
Thitimar Chongtaku, Sayam Aroonsrimorakot, Niwooti Whangchai and Kitsanai Charoenjit