1. Effects of spirulina platensis supplemented diets on growth of green catfish ( hemibagrus filamentus fang & chaux , 1949 )
Nopparat Patchanee and Son gsub Arunkamol

2. Growth performances of nile tilapia ( oreochromis niloticus ) fed with diet containing fermented grass from cow stomach
Worawit chukw annuan Saisunee Jitmanowan and SudapornTongsiri

3. Efficiency of fermented soybean meal by indigenous fungi aspergillus niger i n formulated diets on growth performances in red tilapia ( oreochromis niloticus mossambicus )
Worawut Koedprang and Preeda Phumee

4. The effects of fresh duckweed for growth nutrition and production cost of african sharptooth catfish ( clarias gariepinus ) in recirculating systems
Phanumas Ampornsawas, Jongkon Promya, Banyad Montienart and Chanagun Chitmanat

5. Partial nucleotide sequences and expression of genes involving to glutathione enzyme system in the a sian sea bass ( lates calcarifer )
Rachanimuk Hiransuchalert, Narongsak Puanglarp, Sripapan Tharanat, Chonlamard Olanvanitch and Kuljira Yanwatthana

6. Isolation and utilization of bacteriophage to inhibit aeromonas hydrophila in nile tilapia
Tranuk Somnate, Kesinee Chantharasophon and Seree Chantarasopon

7. Some aspects of biology of mangrove crab, episesarma mederi ( h . m ilne . edward, 1853 ) in pattani bay
Somsak Buatip, Pun Yeesin and Sarawuth Chesoh

8. The study of natural food in the stomach of spotted catfish from t he local fishery communit y in t hasaan v illage, phawong subd istrict , muang district , songkhla province
Seetiyaroh Sa-ah, Wanalee Kuakram and Pongsaton Juntarut

9. Population genetic structure of greenback mullet ( liza subviridis ) along the andaman sea coast of thailand
Verakiat Supmee, Juthamas Suppapan, Jamjun Pechsiri and Pradit Sangthong

10. Possibility of using aquatic worms to dispose of waste at the bottom of fish pond under aquaculture system with s ustainable and environmentally friendly condition
Sirichat Soonthornvipat and Prachaub Chaibu