1. Effects of crossbreeding between slender walking catfish (clarias nieuhofii) female and african catfish (clarias gariepinus) male
Nisa Machoo

2. Effects of fructooligosaccharide as feed supplement on growth performance, stress resistance & disease resistance against aeromonas hydrophila infection in hybrid red tilapia fingerlings
Thepparath Ungsethaphand, Niwooti Wangchai, Krasindh Hangsapreurke, Jomsuda Duangwongsa and Khwanruthai Duangjaisak

3. Integrated culture of giant freshwater prawn in organic rice field- impact on rice production and rice field ecosystem
Samnao Saowakoon and Krittima Saowakoon

4. Effect of density stocking on growth, performance, economic and returns for the giant freshwater prawn larvae
Somsak Rayan and Wisitda Uengjareansakarn

5. Effect of chlorella added period on nutrition and carotenoid for thai fairy shrimp culture by water discharge from fish pond
Jamree Krueahong, Chongdee Srinoparatawatana and Surapee Prachumpon

6. Genetic diversity of climbing perch (anabas testudineus) by rapd technique
Sugunya Kumla, Kosit Sriphuthorn, Naiyana Senasri and Siriporn Hundaeng

7. Effect of salt concentrations on water qualities and blood (sodium and chloride) of fancy carp (cyprinus carpio linn.)
Nongnut Assawawongkasem and Weena Koeypudsa

8. Isolation of flavobacterium columnare and bacillus sp. from nile tilapia and catfish
Kesinee Chantharasophon

9. Some aspects of community context on integrated aquaculture practice in upland area in mae sab subdistrict, samoeng district, chiang mai
Worawit Raksakaew, Pathipan Sutigoolabud, Niwooti Whangchai and Pramot Seetakoses

10. Effect of sodium chloride concentration in washing step of fish mince on quality of surimi from barbonymus gonionotus
Sasiporn Rattanasuwan and Wichaya Phienvech