1. Use of use of yeast supplement east supplement east supplement al diet for al diet for nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus niloticus )
Nutchanat Longmutcha, Kaltima Phichai, Watcharee Hanmoungjai, Jiraporn Rojtinnakorn

2. Trend to enhance growth of garlic extracts in sand goby (oxyeleotris marmoratus) bleeker 1852
Malika Supa-aksorn Sudaporn Tongsiri Prachaub Chaibu and Jiraporn Rojtinnakorn

3. Growth performance of hybrid catfish (clarias macrocephalus x clarias gariepinus) fed with chicken viscera incorporated in diet
Weerapat pongsri Niwooti Whangchai Doungporn Amornlerdpison and SudapornTongsiri

4. Appropriate proportion of fish waste silage in fish meal replacement in red tilapia diet (oreochomis niloticus mossambicus)
Worawut Koedprang and Preeda Phumee

5. Karyotype of greenback mullet chelon subviridis (valenciennes, 1836) by conventional staining and ag-nor banding techniques
Isara Patawang and Weerayuth Supiwong

6. Productivity of sea lettuce seaweed (ulva rigida) in nutrient film technique (nft) system
Anek Sopon, Sompop Rungsupa and Komgrid Aiumlaoo

7. Water quality improvement in tilapia pond by taro (colocasia esculenta) and phormidium sp. in a pilot-scale constructed wetland
Tapana Cheunbarn

8. Identification of single nucleotide polymorphism in immune system gene related to white spot syndrome virus resistance in black tiger shrimp
Sudarat Saengngern, Suwit Wuthisuthimethavee, Sataporn Direkbusarakom and Piyapong Chotipuntu

9. Temporal changes of benthic fauna in the tha chin estuary- a case study on site evaluation for angel wings clam rehabilitation
Kanjana Mengchouy and Charumas Meksumpun

10. Effects of flooding on macrobenthic fauna at thachin mud flat river mouth, samut sakhon province
Patcharaporn Yaowasooth, Suchat Sawangarreruks, Narongrit Lertkasetivittaya, Ongjun Passada, Sukda Rengaunu and Samart Nikomjit