1. Appropriate ratio of duckweed (lemna perpusilla) and commercial diet in combined feeding for tilapia fingerling rearing
Nuttarin Sirirustananun and Natlada Fakfay

2. Effect of freshwater fish oil on growth, oxidative stress and omega-fatty acid content in hybrid catfish
Sittikorn Yoojam, Kriangsak Mengumphan, Chutima Srimaroeng and Dounporn Amornlerdpison

3. Effect of fairy shrimps (branchinella thailandensis) powder supplementation in difference packaging on antioxidation in fish feed
Jitra Simawan, Ruamruedee Panchan, Kosit Sriphuthorn and Somsak Raya

4. Some biological aspects of macrobrachium lanchesteri de man in the nong lang sai wetland, phayao province
Kanyanat Soontornprasit

5. Standardized karyotype and idiogram of false clown anemonefish, amphiprion ocellaris cuvier, 1830
Sumalee Phimphan, Weerayuth Supiwong and Suthip Jeenawut

6. Cytogenetics of greasy grouper, epinephelus tauvina (perciformes, serranidae) by conventional staining and ag-nor banding techniques
Nuntiya Maneechot and Weerayuth Supiwong

7. Cytogenetics of the vagabond butterflyfish, chaetodon vagabundus (perciformes, chaetodontidae) by conventional staining
Sarun Jumrusthanasan and Weerayuth Supiwong

8. The use of nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) in reducing cyanobacterial community from hybrid pangasius pond
Alounxay Pasithi, Redel Gutierrez, Wirawut Temprasit, Suthida Wanno, Niwooti Whangchai, Jongkon Promya and Chanagun Chitmanat

9. The impacts of blood clam culture on temporal changes of benthic fauna in bang-tabun bay, phetchaburi province
Khanitta buakaew and Charumas meksumpun

10. Formula and consumer acceptance of fish cracker product from low-value fish
Chompunooch Somalee and Aonvimol Thummasri