1. Fecundity and hatching rate of the sesarmid crab episesarma singaporense
Sarinna Dangdee, Supparat Kong-oh and Chanyut Sudtongkong

2. Effect of plant bed and water volume ratios on productions of water convolvulus, nile tilapia, and water quality in aquaponics system
Werayuth Leunloi, Puan Pengseng, Piyapong Chotipunt and Somsak Maneepong

3. Dna barcoding for species identification of 14 loaches
Dutrudi Panprommin, Manadda Dangsing and Nontree Panprommin

4. Effects of bacillus brevis and saccharomyces cerevisiae as probiotics on nile tilapia growth and immune responses
Kesinee Chantharasophon and Sumrit Prawottana

5. Utilization of bio-extract from morning glory (ipomcea aquatica) in freshwater chlorella sp. culture
Worawut Koedprang

6. Quality improvement of fermented marine shrimp (kung-som) by pure culture fermentation
Chutinut Sujarit and Waigoon Rittirut

7. Population dynamics of freshwater shrimp in the mekong river, nongkhai
Chatchai Preecha, Tuantong Jutagate and Somnao Saowakoon

8. Fish species composition in bueng kluea reservoir, roi-et province
Woraphat Khankaew, Prayoon Wongchantra, Jittima Prasara-A and Tawatchai Tanee

9. Appropriate crucifix crab (charybdis feriata linnaeus, 1758) management
Thongchai Nitiratsuwan