1. Assessment of dietary protein requirement on growth performance of young mekong giant catfish , cultured in floating net cages
Suthus Phuakgeen and Praneet Ngamsnae

2. Comparison on growth and survival rates of thai abalone (haliotis asinina) fed at various intervals of commercial diet and sea lettuce (ulva rigida)
Anek Sopon and Sompop Rungsupa

3. Appropriate density of recirculating system nile tilapia culture in aquaponic
Patompong kardsakun, Prachaub Chaibu, Chanagun Chitmanat and Kriangsak Mangumphan

4. Gut contents and helminthic infestation of shark catfish (helicophagus leptorhynchus ng & kottelat, 2000) along the mekong river, nakhon phanom
Adithepchaikarn Pachanawan

5. Ectoparasitic copepods of some catfishes in family ariidae in the lower songkhla lagoon
Awirut Tassamakorn and Saowapa Angsupanich

6. Optimal condition and nutritional value of nostoc and nostochopsis cultivation for feed supplement of ornamental fish
Sriprapa Buddama*, Sudaporn Tongsiri, Jongkon Promya and Udomluk Sompong

7. The effect of nutrients on growth of a marine diatom, chaetoceros sp., in recycled diatom cultured water
Maliwan Kutako, Siripon Khamtongdee, Pakawan Setthamongkol, Matinee Jamkratoke, and Vasin Yuvanatemiya

8. Screening of microalgae with high lipid production
Weena Choochote Kittikoon Sucunthowong Thaniya Zeao and Suntisuk Kwansiriwanich

9. Total phenolic contents, dpph radical-scavenging activities of six seaweeds from the southern coast of thailand
Monsuang Yangthong and Nongporn Towatana

10. Evaluation of blue swimming crab (portunus pelagicus linnaeus, 1758) from stock enhancement project by using geoinformatics application
Tongchai Nitiratsuwan Kansinee Panwanitdumrong and Chansawang Ngamphongsai

11. Effects of climate change on chemical and physical factors of water qualities and growth of nile tilapia at baan maegad, sansai, chiang-mai
Bunyat Montien-Art, Pimporn Montien-Art and Khajornkiat Srinuansom