1. Reproductive biology of bocourti’s catfish in the mekong river, nong khai area
Chatchai Preecha, Tuantong Jutagate and Thanitha Thapanand-Chaidee

2. Fishery biology of spiny rock crab in sikao bay, trang province
Apirak Songrak, Worawut Koedprang and Asnee Wangpittaya

3. Population dynamics of greenback mullet in pak phanang bay, nakhon si thammarat
Thanitha Thapanand-Chaidee, Tuantong Jutagate and Piyathap Avakul

4. Integrated farm between nile tilapia culture and floating water convolvulus grown
Rungtawan Panakulchaiwit, Dusit Aue-umneoy, Navapat Intarapuk and Banjamad Taveethap

5. Synbiotic production from soybean residue for aquaculture practices
Nuttaporn Chanchay

6. Berried female development and hatching rate of fattening blue swimming crab with three different feeds
Wasana Arkronrat, Likhit Chuchit and Vutthichai Oniam

7. Soft-shell spiny rock crab (thalamita crenata) production by molt inducing methods
Worawut Koedprang and Apirak Songrak

8. Nutrition valued and carotenoid of cyanobacteria (oscillatoria sp.) culture in different mediums
Chumni Dungtap, Jongkon Promya, Niwoot Whangchai, Bunyat Moonteinart and Chanagun Chitmanat

9. The influences of water movement on the enrichment of river ecosystem - a case study at petchaburi river, petchaburi
Pichasit Sangmek, Charumas Meksumpun and Shettapong Meksumpun

10. Integration of eco-hydrological knowledge for assessment of ecological values of estuarine and coastal culture ecosystems- a case study of tha chin estuary samut sakhon
Charumas Meksumpun, Shettapong Meksumpun and Sangthian Adjimangkunl

11. Application of benthic fauna bio-data for assessment of production potentials of extensive shrimp culture ponds - a case study of marine to brackish ponds along tha chin estuary in pantai norasingh, samut sakhon
Nitaya Rithnim and Charumas Meksumpun