1. Effect of combination cryoprotectants and freezing rates on the cryopreservation of pangasius larnaudii sperm
Samorn Ponchunchoovong, Suphan Khunnamthiang

2. Sago palm feedstuff with commercial feed for medium size the sex-reversed red tilapia
Wannachai Phromkerd

3. Cultivation of spirulina platensis in liquid fermentation medium of low cost diet
Siriporn Chuchird, Khajornkiat Srinuansom, Sittichai Pattanakietcheevin, Jongkon Promya, Bunyat Moonteinart, Siripen Traichaiyaporn

4. Nutritional value and pigment content of spirulina platensis grown in diluted pig waste
Suneerat Ruangsomboon, Sakchai Choochote, Paveena Taveekijakarn

5. Pigment production, -linoleic acid, nutritional value and production cost in cultivation of spirulina platensis (nordstedt) geiteler- using cafeteria wastewater
Jongkon Promya and Siripen Traichaiyaporn

6. Efficiency of carotenoid and nutritional values production of an alga kai for economic utilization (i)
Taweesak Khuantrairong and Siripen Traichaiyaporn

7. Study on aquatic ecology to generate guideline for fisheries conservation in wetland of nong bong khai non–hunting area , chiang rai
Kwanruen Yodkham, Sukhoom Rowchai and Idsariya Wudtisin

8. Trends of low value fish in capture fisheries of songkhla lake 2003-2006
Safeenee Lateh, Chamnein Choonpradub and Nittaya McNeil

9. Nematode diversity at thachin river mouth, samut sakhon province
Suchat Sawangarreruks, Patcharaporn Yaowasooth and Theerawat Prempree

10. Benthic macrofauna communities in makham-pom bay, rayong province
Suthep Jualaong, Suthida Kan-atireklap and Supawat Kan-atireklap

11. Acute toxicity of crude extracts from some mangrove plants to nile tilapia in brackish water system
Teerawoot lerssuthichawal