1. Effect of water alkalinity on hatching rate and survival rate of some economic freshwater fishes
Thammanoon Nganwisuthiphan, Wanna Nontanaphan and Theerawoot Lerssutthichawal

2. Comparison on nursing of tabtim fish using different salinity
Wikit Phinrub, Dumrong Lohaluksanadech, , Nattapat Jintananuch and Panupong Worrasutpisal

3. Effect of use some protein sources as a replacement for fish meal in diets on growth of bocourti catfish
Rattanasuda Chaiyachate

4. Study on cultured of pangasius macronema bleeker in cages using different feeding frequency
Paskorn Saenjundaeng

5. Daily ration of bocourti’s catfish in mekong river, nongkhai province
Sawika Kunlapapuk and Thanitha Thapanand-Chaidee

6. Effect of brown seaweed supplement in diet on growth performance of spotted babylon
Bhumrindra Tauvarotama, Somkiat Piyatiratitivorakul, Weena Koeypudsa, Warinthorn Chavasiri

7. Ion chromatography for determination of nitrite and nitrate in rearing system of shrimp farm
Peerada Pakdeepin, Sirirat Phaisansuthichol, Saravut Dejmanee and Roongroje Ratana-ohpas

8. Comparison on nile tilapia production between biological way of life and monoculture of fish ponds
Prapatpong Tuksinsumpun, Bunyat Moonteinart, Pramot Seetakoses and Tanarugsa Meckhayai

9. Distribution of long-finned barb of long-finned barb larvae in pasak jolasid reservoir, lop buri
Santi Poungcharean and Charumas Meksumpun

10. Bocourti’s catfish fisheries in the mekong river, nong khai area
Chatchai Preecha and Thanitha Thapanand-Chaidee

11. Preliminary study of reproductive biology of soldier catfish in songkhla lake, pattalung area
Theeranun Tapparuk, Theerawoot Lerssutthichawal and Thanitha Thapanand-Chaidee

12. Cohort analysis of greenback mullet in pak phanang bay, nakhon si thammarat
Piyathap Avakul and Thanitha Thapanand-Chaidee

13. Spatial management for blue swimming crab - a case study of trang province
Thongchai Nitiratsuwan and Kungwan Juntarashote

14. Catch composition of fisheries resources by tuna purse seine in the indian ocean by r v mahidol
Pisanu Siripitrakool and Thanitha Thapanand-Chaidee

15. Marine fishery resources in the upper gulf of thailand from research vessel in 2006
Opas Chamason and Kanit chuapun

16. Development of ecological index for assessment of natural potential and stability of aquatic resource production- a case study in extensive shrimp culture areas of samut sakhon
Charumas Meksumpun, Shettapong Meksumpun and Sangtien Ajjimangkul

17. Analysis on aquatic environmental quality and problem for conservation and remediation of clam resource- a case study in the tha chin estuary
Pattrawut Thaipichitburapa, Charumas Meksumpun and Shettapong Meksumpun

18. Some factors affecting on participation in fisheries resources conservation at ping river in chiangmai province
Kaset Kunthiyawong, Chanagun Chitmanat and Prachaub Chaibu