1. Effect of salinity on embryonic development of macrobrachium rosenbergii (de man)
Krasindh Hangsapreurke, Thon Thamrongnawasawat, Sorawit Powtongsook, Pratak Tabthipwon, Prajuab Lumubol and Boonyarath Pratoomchat

2. The mekong giant catfish from the refrigerated and cryopreservation sperm
Kriangsak Mengamphan and Amarit N Bart

3. Some aspects on reproductive biology of spotted spiny eel case study in surin and buriram provinces
Samnao Saowakoon and Hatairat Saowakoon

4. Breeding and nursing of spotted spiny eel
Hatairat Saowakoon and Samnao Saowakoon

5. Effect of feeding frequency, feeding time and type of feed on growth and feed conversion of climbing perch
Amporn Somboonmak and Banchuen Muangkeow

6. A study on biological filter materials for culturing hybrid catfish system with hydroponic system
Surit Somboonchai, Prachaub Chaibu, Kriangsak Mengamphan and Arnat Tancho

7. The efficiency of mangrove soil to treat wastewater in amphur kuntang ,trang province
Dumrong Lohalasanadech, Wikit Phinrub, Pranom Chumreang

8. Comparison growth rate of oyster crassostrea belcheri, sowerby in the pond receiving effluent from intensive culture of pacific white shrimp pond penaeus vannamei, boone and natural coastal water
Prathep Songkaew, Bubpha Mangkalamanee and Sommai Chiayvareesajja

9. Effect of sex on growth and molting of black rice crabs
Adithepchaikarn Pachanawan and Sarawut Khumpush

10. Genetic improvement of frog rana rugulosa weigmann
Thongyoon Thongklongsye

11. Preliminary study on induceing chromosomes in tilapia
Vorasiri Jomvoravong, Sawai Poolket, Chaisongkram Pukingngern

12. Effect of white kwao keur on growth in female nile tilapia during winter season
Kriengkrai Seetapan, Suthida Soe-been

13. Feeding habits of spotted feather back, yellow mystus and sand goby in kwan phayao, phayao province
Siriluk Mueangnguen

14. Application of antimicrobial peptides for the control of vibriosis in white shrimp larvae
Kornvika Sriwattanawarunyu, Prathep Songkaew and Nugul Intrasungkha

15. Histopathological changes of barramundi, lates calcarifer according to parasitic infestation
Nirattisai Petchsupa and Suwimol Nilrat

16. Isolation and characteristics of nodavirus from giant grouper
Somporn Roongkumnertwongsa, Somkiat Kanchanakha, Yaowanit Danayadol

17. A cost benefit study of small scale freshwater prawn farming as opposed to intensive culture system of various-size private companies
Tipsukhon Phimphimol

18. Edible freshwater macroalgae in northern thailand research
Yuwadee Peerapornpisal