1. Effect of stocking density and shelter surface area on growth and survival of the tropical abalone in a semi-flow through system
Tippawan Tantawanich, Wenresti G. Gallardo, Kou Ikejima, Monthon Ganmanee and Padermsak Jarayabhand

2. Factors impact on molt period in different age of macrobrachium rosenbergii
Rungkan Klahan, Orapint Jintasathaporn, Pratak Tabthipwon and Arunee Engkagul

3. In vitro maturation of asian catfish oocyte by media, temperature and hormones
Jariya Thepnarong, Jiraporn Rojtinnakorn

4. Nursing of rasbora paviei esomus metallicus and devario regina
Suriya Chankaew

5. The effect of various alkalinities on larvi culture of penaeus merguensis
Thammanoon Nganwisuthiphan

6. Karyotypic pattern and genetic inheritance in guppy
Theeraw oot Lerssutthichawal

7. Fish cage culture in upper part of ping river
Pimpakarn Lebel, Sirikul Lertphasuk, Louis Lebel and Prachaub Chaibu

8. Comparision on natural potential of food chains between intensive and integrated fish-farming system for reducing cost of nile tilapia production in 12 months
Bunyat Montien-art, Apinun Suwannarat, Khajornkiat Saeton

9. Alix (alg-2-interacting protein x) involving with death by wssv infection in tiger shrimp
Jiraporn Rojtinnakorn, Pakkakul Sangsuriya, Saengchan Senapin and Timothy W Flegel

10. Effective of thai herbs extracts to inhibit bacterial pathogens in giant freshwater prawn
Anchalee Thammarongkongsatit and Jiraporn Rojtinnakorn

11. Antimicrobial resistance of streptococcus spp. isolated from cage tilapia
Rutch Khattiya and Duangporn Pichpol

12. Effect of carbohydrate types supplementation on commercial feed for sex reversal tilapia
Kannika Kakaew, Thepparath Ungsethaph and Prachaub Chaibu

13. Study on the growth of sex reversed tilapia with different levels of chitosan coated feeds
Monsuang Yangthon, Kaewalee Viboonkit, Piman Towsombat

14. Characterization of digestive enzymes in juvenile prawn, macrobrachium rosenbergii
Pattama Tangjai, Arunee Engkagul, Niwoot Wangchai and Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi

15. Characterization & in vitro digestibility of digestive enzyme in giant black tiger shrimp penaeus monodon white shrimp penaeus vannamei & giant fresh water prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii
Yutthana Eidnoi, Arunee Engkagul, Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi and Suriyan Tunkijjanukij

16. Characterization of digestive enzymes in juvenile shark catfish helicophagus leptorhynchus ng & kottelat, 2000
Chanthakan Nuchsuk, Arunee Engkagul, Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi and Orapint Jintasataporn

17. Studies on macrobenthic fauna community of chang-kud islands trat province
Suthep Jualaong

18. Participation of the fisheries volunteer towards fisheries extension in chiangmai province
Phongphan Soonthornvipat

19. Study on the effective factors of metal ion adsorption in aqueous solution using longan peel as an adsorbent
Buncha chawanchai, Tapana Cheunbarn, Siraporn Cheunbarn and Prachaub Chaibu