1. Phylogeography of three commercially important seahorses (genus hippocampus) in thai waters an implication from collective sequence data
Thadsin Panithanarak

2. Nutritional properties of fish meal produced from fresh by-products of sardina pilchardus
Hicham Mih, Abdellah Lachera

3. A study on the synergistic effect of bioactive compounds from papaya leaf and collagen isolated from indian mackerel on in vitro wound closure capacity
Nagappa Bailore Niveditha, Balladka Kunhanna Sarojini, Akhila Hosur Shrungeswara

4. Isolation, identification and preliminary characterization of candidate probiotic bacteria from the intestine of domesticated goldfish (carassius auratus)
Sing Tung Pang, Julian Ransangan, Kishio Hatai

5. Microplastics reduce the growth of exposed marine invertebrates a meta-analysis
Sarina Mae Bien Arciga, Victor Salcedo Soliman

6. Influence of seasonal variation and anthropogenic stress on blood cockle (tegillarca granosa) production potential
Chayarat Srisunont, Yokrudee Nobpakhun, Chontara Yamalee, Treeranut Srisunont